The 1.2 update is here and boy is it a gift! 


New Game Mode

Winter Game-mode: Feel the holidays!
•New textures for Grass, Grass Slopes, Parks, Water, StoneBricks, and cities, Limited to Winter Mode

•All meteors look like Wreathes

New Blocks!

More blocks, build in style

•Sandstone block

•Sandstone slope


• And Cannons, shoot those pesky meteors

Texture/GUI/Other Changes

New Inventory: Now instead of text saying what block you have, you can now see it yourself!

New Meteor Textures: Get those nasty meteor textures away from me, I prefer these new and improved meteors, hot stuff that.

Quit Button: Sick of refreshing the page if you want to change game modes? Press the quit button.

Go Button: Build your island and then venture the world.

New Water Texture: Place water on top of each other with out it looking ugly!

Sense this is the biggest update ever to hit Island Builder, expect bugs. Please let me know of any bugs! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 

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