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Island Builder, a game about building an island well surviving bombs flying at you! This game has a in game tutorial.


-A lot of blocks
-Different blocks do different things

-Weather system with lightning and rain!

-Snow In Winter Mode

-City simulation!
-Planes that add population if not shot down!

-Three modes: Adventure, Creative, and Winter(A Holiday Special)

-Meteors that try to destroy your island.

Thanks to bensound.com for one of the Ambient musics!

Please Leave feedback or any bugs you find, Thanks!

Updated 3 days ago
AuthorSP Productions
GenreSurvival, Simulation
Tags2D, island, Pixel Art, Sandbox, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial

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Cool game, but could use some bugfixes, mostly because of the game over screen which appears when you run out of money, or even some random times without a reason. Keep the good work ! Oh and please, how does the cannon like things work ?


Thanks for the feedback! I will for sure get onto fixing the random game overs. And for the cannons you press k on the keyboard to fire all of them. I thought that I put that in the tutorial, but as it turns out that was left out. Thank you for your time.